Are you looking to deepen your relation with your inherent self-healing energies?
For those seeking a meaningful and substantial yoga practice. 
My classes are prepared according to your needs and goals and include a variety of effective yoga techniques. 
For those who want to go deeper into the subtle realm. Each session is individualized according to your own signature. 
Pranic Healing is an effective, non-contact, energetic treatment. The sessions are accessible to everyone and are a wonderful investment in our well-being. 
The art of deep relaxation through holding your awareness without falling asleep; tough isn't it?
Yoga Nidra is a systematic deep relaxation method. This "Yoga Nidra" sessions are a blend from energetic healing arts and potent methods from the Hatha Yoga system.
Take a deeeep relaxation... Or gift a "Prana Healing Session" or a "Private Yoga Class" to someone you care about and believe can benefit from it.  
I love to hear from you and enjoy contributing to your overall well-being and balance.
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