Pranic Healing
I offer Pranic Healing sessions, a modality closely related to yoga. These therapeutic sessions are accessible to everyone and are a wonderful investment for your well-being. 
It is a powerful way to release energetic and emotional blockages. For alignment and enrichment in the electromagnetic field.
What is Pranic Healing?

We are complex beings and our well-being is influenced by many factors, such as the physical body, our emotions, the mind, our spirituality and the community. All these different levels are not separate from each other, they coexist. Prana is derived from the word "prana" meaning life energy or consciousness, and is the carrier and force that regulates the exchange between all the different aspects of our being and togetherness. Healing, in this sense, is understood as the act of aligning or "bringing all these aspects together," thereby activating an orderly flow of our life energy.  

What happens in a Pranic Healing session? 

In a Pranic Healing session, I focus on aligning your energy body using well-proven techniques from the fields of Reiki, hypnosis, sound healing, meditation and yoga. You are fully aware and in the present during the session, your brainwaves can shift to a gentler frequency (similar to a meditative state), allowing the chakras, your personal biodynamic centers, to relax, fill with energy and vibrate harmoniously. The therapeutic work with me leads to a better state and feeling of balance, harmony, security, insight and vision. After a Pranic Healing session you will feel healthy, clear-sighted and creatively empowered. Remember that healing is always a process from the inside out, you are the "activator" or your own healing power.
How and where does a Pranic Healing take place?

I offer individual Pranic Healing sessions in a centrally located space. Session can vary from 75 to 90 minutes, depending on how the healing unfolds. 
A full Pranic Healing session includes a brief initial conversation and a final sharing at the end. I intuitively guide you through the session, using only safe, non-invasive treatment techniques to balance your energy. My goal is always to give you the opportunity for personal healing and insight, and to support you in organically transferring the advice and results into your daily life.
Give the gift of a "session" to someone you care about and believe can benefit from it.

Single Pranic Healing session 
75Min : 150 CHF

*open to guide, refresh and inspire you, valid for six months.
Single Pranic-Healing session:  
75Min,  150 CHF
Single Pranic-Healing Abo:  
3 x 60Min, 350 CHF
Payment is by TWINT, PayPal or E-banking possible.  
Please write me your wishes.
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