Pranic Healing
Juy facilitates Pranic Healing sessions, a modality closely related to yoga. These therapeutic sessions are accessible for everyone and a wonderful investment for your well-being. Pranic Healing sessions are designed to re-align the energetic body, restore the electromagnetic field and improve our overall state of health and comfort.
What does Pranic Healing mean?
We are complex beings and our state of well-being is influenced by many factors such as the physical body, our emotions, the mind, our spirituality and community. All these different layers are not separate from each other, they coexist. Pranic derives from the word “prana” meaning vital energy or conscious awareness, and is the force governs the exchange between all the different aspects of our being and inter-being. Healing, in this sense, is understood as the act of aligning or “bringing all these aspects together”, activating an orderly flow of our vital energy.

What happens in a Pranic Healing session?
In a Pranic Healing session, Juy focuses on aligning your energy body by applying established techniques from the fields of Reiki, hypnosis, sound healing, meditation and yoga. While you’ll stay entirely conscious and present during the session, your brain waves may shift to a smoother frequency (similar to a meditative state) which allows the chakras, your personal biodynamic centers, to be filled with energy and vibrancy enabling them to function together in harmony.
The therapeutic work with Juy results in a better state and sense of balance, harmony, security, insight and vision. After a Pranic Healing session you’ll feel wholesome, clear-sighted and creatively empowered. Remember, healing is always a process from the inside out, you are the “activator” or your own healing force.

How and where does a Pranic Healing take place? 
Juy offers individual Pranic Healing sessions in a centrally located treatment space. The duration of your session might vary between 60 - 75 minutes, depending on the unfolding of the healing. A complete Pranic Healing session includes a short opening conversation and a closing sharing at the end. Juy will intuitively guide you throughout the session, applying only safe, non-invasive treatment techniques to balance your energy. Juy’s goal is always to facilitate the opportunity for personal healing and insight, and to help you apply in an organic way the advise and results into your daily life.
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