Create awareness and find magic in everything

Explorations into subtle realms 
With Juy’s powerful yet subtle and intuitive presence, you’ll feel minutely guided and kindly supported. As a teacher she primarily focuses her work on facilitating 1 to 1 yoga classes offering pranic healing and leading yoga retreats.
Interview: The power of Tenderness
Juy on "Yogastories"-Podcast

Pranic Healing
Juy facilitates Pranic Healing sessions, a modality closely related to yoga. These therapeutic sessions are accessible for everyone and a wonderful investment for our well-being. Pranic Healing sessions are designed to re-align the energetic body, restore the electromagnetic field and improve our overall state of health and comfort. more →
Private Classes
Designed for everyone seeking a meaningful and substantial yoga practice.
Juy specializes on private teaching. Her classes are prepared according to your needs and goals, and include a variety of effective yogic techniques. more →
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