Cultivate Awareness and Harmony in your life

An exploration into subtle realms.

Let yourself be benevolently supported and precisely guided in a powerful yet subtle way.
Hi, I'm Juy and I facilitate you in minimizing your stress levels to maximize your life.
The tools I share with you are designed to activate your body intelligence and reveal your inherent wisdom. 
Through my service, you will soften and de-stress as you experience more inner and outer strength and resilience. You will learn how to cultivate your own practice and embrace life in a holistic way.
It is a journey into self-empowerment that will help you understand your needs, aspirations and capacities.
Get an insight into my offer.. Take a deeeep relaxation... Or gift a "Prana Healing Session" or a "Private Yoga Class" to someone you care about and believe can benefit from it.  
I love to hear from you and enjoy contributing to your overall well-being and balance.
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