„The greatest gift for the world is to do the work on yourself.“
— Juy Würtenberg
About me. Written by a dear friend. 
Juy was born with a profound visual and sensory gift that has enabled her to become the accomplished designer, teacher, and healer she is today. During her childhood, she was entranced by the extensive spectrum of colors and would spend hours immersing herself in drawings and paintings. Her sensitivity extended not only to the visual realm but also to subtler levels, rooted in her mother's line.
After extensive contemplation of her life's journey, she arrived at the realization that her life's purpose was not necessarily confined to a specific vocational sphere but rather resided in her inner disposition and the manner in which she conducted her actions. This profound insight fundamentally reshaped her perspective on life, as she discerned that each endeavor she undertook with sincerity and compassion inherently served as a means of service to others.
With many years of in-depth studies in Hatha Yoga, Energy Healing Arts, and Tibetan Buddhism, Juy is dedicated to serving those who aspire to live more purposefully. She holds space for her clients with kindness and presence, intuitively guiding them. Her work is founded on a holistic approach, which promotes the well-being of her clients not only physically but also mentally, energetically, and spiritually.
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